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Yandex.Maps – App to the city App Kostenlos

Search for an cope with or the first-class places nearby even when youre einzeln. Yandex.Maps gives you more facts approximately companies, helps you discover your way to locations the usage of delivery or on foot, and shows the region of transport oder Ähnlichesroute in faktisch time.
Search for and select locations:
• The largest organization database and filters to refine your seek.
• Detailed data: contacts, hours of operation, offerings provided, photos, and reviews.
• Floor plans to find your way around Moscows major purchasing shops.
• Search for locations and addresses without an internet connection (einer nach dem anderen maps).
• View stored locations on distinct gadgets.
Get instructions:
• On foot, including passageways between homes and on foot paths.
• On public transport, with records about scheduled arrival at a prevent.

Yandex.Maps – App to the city App Herunterladen

• By unter Zuhilfenahme von den Daumen, with navigation that takes account of the traffic state of affairs, and warnings about cameras.
Vorschub mode:
• Real-time region of buses, trams, trolleybuses, and minibuses is shown at the map.
• Important transportation centers such as stops and metro stations are highlighted.
• Ausweichlösung to display best decided on routes on the map.
• Moving delivery tags are proven at the maps of fundamental cities like Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar, Voronezh, Ufa, and Samara.
Driving instructions:
• Optimal routes for keeping off traffic, with special route alternatives displayed at the map.
• Navigator with voice prompts along the direction.
• Speed camera, velocity limit, and dashing notifications.
• Real-time updates on visitors, road accidents, pace radar, and geplant.
• Offline maps to download for use with out a web connection.



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