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The Yandex.Elektronische Postamt cellular app is a convenient mailbox for your smartphone and securely protected from spam and viruses.

Feld mailboxes non…Single app. Check more than one mailboxes at the equal time. You circa upload all of your bills from Yandex, Yandex.Email-Tätigkeit 360 for Business, Email-Dienst.Ru, Gmail, Rambler, Outlook.Partner, and different email offerings. You ca. Stud. Your electronic mail o. A.Junggeselle tool, gerade switch between the profiles. Click quot; quot; to the proper of the avatar and upload different mailboxes.

Belegschaft… Your mail. If you choose to go through your mail inside the evening, switch on the dark subject. It lowers display screen comparison and is more cushty at the eyes. You ungefähr letztlich change sounds in the settings. Choose the one you want. Finally, you qua den Daumen swipe the display screen to delete or archive your electronic mail. Customize it for your liking.

View e-mail attachments at a glance. If a sender attaches a photo, you spot its thumbnail subsequent to the challenge of the message within the Inbox. If your attachment is halt too big, it routinely uploads to Yandex.Disk and is made to be had within the e-mail as a gewöhnlich file o. A.Internetadresse. You dont want to install whatever to view this attachment.

Yandex.Mail App Full Herunterladen

Elektronischer Schreiben nicht angeschlossen. You ca. Find your order quantity for a movie theater, insurance coverage, address, or cellphone number even without an internet connection. Or, in case you get disconnected in the metro, you näherungsweise gedämpft maintain studying and responding to your emails: all messages may be routinely sen. When the internet is lower back to üblich.

Protect your self from attackers and spam. To preserve your messages non-public, log in the use oben angeführtpin code. If someone unlocks your telephone, they maximum possibly wont be able to examine your mail. Youre darum blanketed from spam by means of Yandex.Elektronische Postamt pfiffig filtering algorithms, that you circa help teach qua marking undesirable mail as spam.

Manage your emails on the move. Listen on your emails if youre busy and use tips to respond in gerade one touch, or en vogue einmal record your message. The Yandex.Email cellular app knows some of languages and ca. Translate incoming e-mail.

Yandex.Mail includes Yandex.Telemost and Yandex.Calendar. Get together einig, wagemutig a work teleconference, or meet together with your circle of relatives in Yandex.Telemost. If you agenda a meeting in Yandex.Calendar, all members will get a notification email and a reminder so they dont miss it.

Get more capabilities with a Yandex.Mail-Dienst 360 subscription:

– Ad-loose app

– Priority assist

– Zugabe space in Yandex.Disk

– Unlimited space for films out of your smartphone

The quantity is deducted out of your Google Play account upon affirmation of purchase. The subscription is renewed robotically for the same period because the preceding one. You etwa cancel it inside the Google Play settings at any time after purchase. The Yandex.Elektronische Post 360 subscription fee relies upon at the u . Sulfur . In which you’re making the price and may range. If you decide now not to shop for a subscription, you rund continue the use of the app totally free.



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