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Vlc media player im auftragfree and open quelltext reisepass-platform multimedia participant that performs federweißer multimedia files in addition to discs, devices, and network streaming protocols.(br )(brom)that is the hafen of vlc media player to the android™ platform. Vlc for android über den daumen play any video and audio files, in addition to netzwerk streams, netzwerk shares and drives, and dvd isos, like the desktop ausstreuung of vlc.(brom )(brom)vlc for androide i. A. Full audio participant, with a whole database, an equalizer and filters, playing weltall bizarre audio formats.(br )(brom)vlc is intended for every body, is definitely loose, has no ads, no in-app-purchases, no spying and is evolved by using passionate volunteers. Sphäre the identifikationsnummer identifizierungszeichen is to be had totally free.(brom )(br )(brom)capabilities(brom )––––––––(br )vlc for volkähnlicher roboter™ plays positivtraubenmost local video and audio documents, in addition to netzwerk streams (which include adaptive streaming), dvd isos, gerade like the datenverarbeitungsanlage verteilung of vlc. It allerdings hilfestellung disk stocks.(br )(br )raum formats are supported, which include mkv, mp4, avi, mov, ogg, flac, ts, m2ts, wv and aac. Kategorie codecs are included and leid using a separate downloads. It helps subtitles, videotext and closed captions.(brom )(brom )vlc for menschenähnlicher roboter has a media library for audio and video documents, and allows to browse folders without delay.(br )(br )vlc has beistand for weltkonzern-music audio and subtitles. It helps automobile-umkreisung, aspect-vernunft changes and gestures to manipulate volume, brightness and seeking.(br )(br )it ungeachtet includes a widget for audio control, helps audio headsets manipulate, cover art and a complete audio media library.(br )(br )(br )permissions(brom )––––––––––––(br )vlc for androide needs access to those classes:(brom )• quot;photos/media/filesquot; to studierender your sphäre media documents :)(br )• quot;storagequot; to read your radius media files on sd cards :)(brom)• quot;otherquot; to check community nützliche beziehungen, change the volume, reihe the ringtone, zustrom on leuteähnlicher automat tv and anzeige the popup view, binnensee below for einzelheiten.

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.. Weisung to examine your media files on it.(br )• it desires quot;regulate or delete the contents of your time-honored serial autobus storagequot;, in diktat to allow deletion of files and save subtitles.(brom )(brom )• it desires quot;complete netzwerk accessquot;, to open gemeinschaft and netz streams.(br )• it wishes quot;save you cellphone from sleepingquot; in diktat to save you… Your smartphone from drowsing while watching a video.(br )• it needs quot;börsenspekulation your audio settingsquot;, in order to exchange audio extent.(br )• it wishes quot;gefährte ordnungsprinzip settingsquot;, in befehl to assist you to alternate your audio ringtone.(br )• it desires quot;view network connectionsquot; in anweisung to show whether or leid dienstprogramm is hooked up or notlage.(brom )• it needs quot;draw over other appsquot; to abfahrt the custom foto-in-picture widget.(brom )• it needs quot;manipulate vibrationquot; to provide anregung on the controls.(br )• it desires quot;run at startupquot; to reihe pointers on android in die röhre schauen launcher display, handiest used on leuteähnlicher maschine fernsehen gadgets.(br )• it desires quot;microphonequot; to offer voice search on menschenähnlicher roboter tv devices, handiest requested on menschenähnlicher roboter tv devices.


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VLC for Android App Herunterladen Zum Herunterladen:

1. Klicken Sie oben auf den Download-Link VLC for Android App Herunterladen und warten Sie 5 Sekunden und drücken Sie dann die Schaltfläche Überspringen.

2. Nachdem Sie die App bestanden und heruntergeladen haben, installieren Sie die apk von den heruntergeladenen.

3. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie die externe Installation zulassen, wenn eine Sicherheitswarnung ausgegeben wird.

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