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Soobax Driver Herunterladen

Soobax is a rund hailing utility for quicker and secure experience within your region—24 hours in 365 days. Wait not. We have decided to make Somalians more impartial by using make out commission an less expensive flat rate on every ride. This app is especially built to make you driver less, Earn wohlüberlegt, Pay much less.

Become a Driver Ehehälfte these days and enjoy specific Commission

Signing up for Soobax?—Follow this steps:
-Download App
-Sign In or Sign Up
-Fill Feinheiten
– Get activated by using Unterstützung team


Features of this new Update.

1. Kalium.O. Reiseziel

2. Kalium.O. The mindestens amount for the journey

3. Get Paid within 72hrs

4. Eingabe Toll fare Manually

5. Standby App Drawer

6. Waiting time Elfe

7. Use Google map or Waze

8. Inbuilt Map


Soobax Driver App Herunterladen

Detailed Trip History

11. Birdview Emergency from Backend.

12. Wallet Management (No cash in your pockets? , dont fear. You will most effective acquire Card Trip)

13. Live Chat.

14. Refer a Driver and Earn The Driver Commission

15. Dead Battery on Trip, dont worry, the Trip leise keeps

16. Low Battery, dont fear, it doesnt drain your battery

17. Have bewusst than 1 motors, pick out among vehicles

18. K .O. Bares Trip from Card Trips

19. Knock-out the time to complete the Trip

20. Help Centre.



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