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🏐Next generation app for scouting volleyball games and players performance
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August 8, 2022
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NS Volley Scout PRO Unlocked Mod Apk

I’ve been a volleyball player first, then I became a coach and now also a manager. I love this sport and, once I became a professional programmer, I dedicated years to coding this app. I wanted it to be simple, complete and beautiful.
Things have gone pretty well since I published my work. I received a lot of positive feedback and kind appreciation then… the pandemic came and I realised it was time for me to give something back and help for what I could.

This is why NS Volley Scout PRO will have a 70% discount on all subscriptions… for as long as it takes!

NB: Currency and values vary according to where you live therefore are approximated.
– monthly subscription: was €12 -> now €3.50
– yearly subscription: was €110 -> now €30
– buy 10 tokens: was €30 -> now €10


NS Volley Scout Pro main features:

– “One click” scout
– “Freeform” scout
– Complete stats for both teams and every player
– Multiple matches stats
– Live sharing
– Pdf sheet
– Video analysis
– Interactive stats screen
– Fully customisable evaluations and stats settings

1. ONE CLICK SCOUT: Ns Volley Scout Pro allows you to scout a match just by clicking once on the screen. Start a match, place your players and simply draw the trajectory of the ball. The app will take care of everything else.

2. FREEFORM SCOUT: You can use NS Volley Scout PRO to keep stats of anything you like, including training sessions! With this tool there is no automation between points giving you the freedom to scout just the things you want.

3. COMPLETE STATS: There is an entire section of the app dedicated to the stats of the game and you can share it with anyone you want. You can see both teams and each player’s performance represented in easy to read graphs.

4. MULTIPLE MATCHES STATS: Clicking on a team or a player (in the TEAMS or PLAYERS screen) will open a dialogue window which allows you to select the matches that interest you and immediately see the result of the sum of all of the stats (divided by skill) associated with them.

5: LIVE SHARING: If you decide to share a match before you do the actual scouting, the people you shared it with can see the stats change and even watch the trajectories LIVE, changing with each and every entry you input during your scout.

6. PDF SHEET: Anything you’ve scouted can now be exported as a .pdf file. All of the most important stats will be there and you can then print it or share it anyway you like.

7: VIDEO ANALYSIS: After uploading the video of the match on Youtube you can use the app to retrieve it and associate it with the scout you made. After you synchronized the video with the actions you can use the video analysis tool (included in the app) and view pretty much whatever you want as a collection of video segments.

8: INTERACTIVE STATS SCREEN: You can filter your data by skill, set, player, rotation , etc… and, if you had synced it with a video, this filtered list will also be reflected in the VIDEO ANALYSIS tool!


Thank you for choosing NS Volley Scout PRO.


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