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Lands of Adventure Herunterladen

Help Jane Bishop to find the misplaced expedition of her famous grandfather! Keep an eye at the abandoned own family Museum and breath the second one life un

Lands of Adventure App Full

Lands of Adventure App Full

Lands of Adventure App Full


Get a trip on thousand vehicles, boats and airplanes for your unbelievable journey!

You may be rewarded for the interest and passion to discover the truth! Get prepared for the tons of surprises:
– Forbidden tropical jungles and snowy picks of the mountains
– Underwater islands and burning deserts
– Secrets of the lost civilizations
– Mysterious phenomena of the environment
– Charismatic characters and their unforgettable tales
– Unreal mechanisms and historical artifacts
– Meticulous renovation of the Museum
– Unexpected plot twists
– Fascinating puzzles

Become an adventurer and do not hesitate!
You ungefähr experience unfastened to begin the adventure!



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2. Nachdem Sie die App bestanden und heruntergeladen haben, installieren Sie die apk von den heruntergeladenen.

3. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie die externe Installation zulassen, wenn eine Sicherheitswarnung ausgegeben wird.


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