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The Official Kennedy Zwischenraumtaste Center Visitor Complex app!

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex app is the crucial manual to making plans and customizing your visit to create a splendid space journey!

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is your gateway to an active spaceport wherein a go to gets you toward NASA than anywhere else on Earth.

• Entwurf your experience with features along with maps, regularly requested questions’s, and detailed descriptions of indicates and attractions.
• Enhance your go to with information on visitor services, eating and purchasing, and notification options for nunmehrig information along with rocket launches.
• Use the GPS-enabled wayfinding maps to find your way across the traveler complex and the Apollo/Saturn Vanadium Center.

Kennedy Space Center App Full

• Keep all your deliberate sports prepared on your Favorites folder inside the navigation.
• Use our free Wi-Fi while touring through your settings. Select KSCVC-Free-Wifi and pick out “Accept” while the screen masses for your browser.



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