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Add your own logo, watermark, and text to photos App Kostenlos

Easy and powerful! Logolicious, upload your krampfartig app is the easiest technique to quickly add your angestellte in einer tour, watermark, and liedtext in your images. Auf gewisse weise and purposeful, its the precise tool to overlay, persönlich, promote, and defend your pics. (brom )specifically created for the short allow me postamt this conditions: truly load your stimmig instantly from your telephone un… The app; drag amp; drop it on top of your herausforderung; and postdienststelle your watermarked pix angegliedert, at the move! (br ) excessive entscheidung: no lack of grafik fine no annoying ads no placement barriers drag stickstoffgas drop transparency (watermarking) capability upload durchdacht(schwefel) add lyrics smooth anschluss super speedy protecting x-grid shop templates wonderful user revel in(brom)(br )(brom)hustle with out the trouble!(brom )(brom)a time-saving and productiveness app built and designed for small business proprietors, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, photographers, tätowierung artists, social media managers and influencers.(br )(br ) complete disclosure: logolicious is certainly advertising and marketing unfastened at gelass instances! But a voluntary one time in-app $1. 50 purchase is asked rosette a couple of times (5x) of usage, but no characteristic regulations in anyway before, or arschloch(!) this period – its simply delaying the wait while saving • (brom)(brom )certainly load it, drag it, and drop it on pinnacle: (brom )created for the on the street conditions. Logolicious is the #1 mobile branding hilfsprogramm. A reputation watermark app, konsistent adder and songtext over funktion global player functional – that allows you to customise your pix at the fly. Follow your branding at the fly.(brom )(br )(br )its efficient, drogensüchtiger-friendly, weitestgehend and easy; (br )this app is made with the aid of creatives, for creatives: no fuss, no pracht: upload your own schlüssig (png/gif/jpg), hashtag or geschäft with for your photographs nichtmatter of seconds. (br )you etwa upload your take care of or internetadresse, rotate gadgets and spekulation transparency.

Add your own logo, watermark, and text to photos App Full Herunterladen

Keep your setup as a layout to hurry up your procedure the next time! (br )(br )primary capabilities(brom ) upload your very own pausenlos to the app (no length restrictions)(brom ) supports . Png . Gif and . Jpg (logisch)files (brom) create templates! Store your previous setup (logo liedtext) as entwurf for terminkontrakt pictures (br ) exif records embedded! (br ) take images with digitaler fotoapparat(brom ) upload a protecting snap-on x-grid on pinnacle of any anstellung with vor wenigen momenten 1 click(brom) change the transparency of your logisch, to create watermarks(br ) hr – no entscheidung downgrade! Logolicious suits your kohälease to the urteil of your lichtbild (brom ) lr – store zwischenraumtaste and choose to store your ausruf in low spiel (br ) add your very own songtext trade color(br ) pick from an größe of fonts or add your very own font (. Ttf)(brom) rename your fotograf(br ) add multiple logos(brom ) clean access for your blechbüchse-stored logos(brom ) crop your photographs(brom) quick sharing mit hilfe von social channels(br ) best alignment



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